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Maxine Waters – Spend a Trillion More on Jobs

So we need to repeat a strategy that has failed three times already?  Three “stimulus” packages that the Bush/Obama regime pushed through, and none worked, so we need to do it again?

Maxine Waters earned the Moron of the Week award last week, and she may-well earn it again very soon.


ATF Buys Firearms and Gives Them to Criminals


This story just never ends.  It seems that there is a new wrinkle almost every day.  We find out that the ATF is illegally purchasing guns and giving them away to the Mexican cartels so that their bandits can be well-armed.  We find out that knowledge of the tax funded operation is known at higher…

Who Owns the I.R.S.


You might think that the I.R.S. is owned by our government.  A branch that collects taxes from the citizens in order to fund our government.  If you think that, you would be wrong. The I.R.S. is owned by entities outside our country, and by its operation is a collection agency for the Federal Reserve and…

Moron of the Week Goes to Maxine Waters

In searching for someone deserving of the moron of the week award, it didn’t take long to find more than a few, and just a bit longer to settle satisfactorily on Maxine Waters.  She stands out head and shoulders as the top pick in this week’s award. Thanks to Human Events for this top 10…

Democrat or Republican – All the Same

Democrat/Republican – it doesn’t matter.  Both parties are corrupt. Washington has become a bastion of organized crime that we called politics. They tax all of our goods, this is after taxing everything that went into the making of those goods. They tax the vehicles that transport our goods, that is after they tax every part…