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Occupy Comes to Santa Ana, California


Last week during one of our jaunts through Santa Ana, California, it was nice to see that the Occupy movement had finally made it here.  Although there is not a lot of support as of yet, the movement has found a place here, and will probably be successful. The evening that we found these young…

Occupy Los Angeles Schedule for 10/3/2011

Today (Mon, Oct. 3rd): At 4:00pm, we meet at City Hall for a bank protest with United Teachers of Los Angeles. Tonight: General Assembly is 7:30pm nightly at City Hall ~ on Oct 3rd, Oct 4th, and Oct 5th – meet on North Side lawn. It is amazing how we continue to grow in numbers…

Occupy Los Angeles Update

Occupation begins Saturday at City Hall at noon. There will also be another event there, a picnic for local communities working with LAPD. We will set up in another location at City Hall. Those wishing to avoid arrest can sleep on the sidewalks between 9 PM and 6 AM.