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VIDEO: The Rise of Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn has gone from being an obscure far-right grouping to become Greece’s third-most popular party in a little over two years. In this film, the Journal charts the key events leading to a crackdown on the party by Greek authorities.

VIDEO: Was Brittany Murphy Poisoned?

In the four years since Brittany Murphy’s shocking death, her father has been fighting for answers, and he believes she was murdered. When Brittany passed away in 2009, the LAPD coroner called it natural causes, her mom suspected mold, and her father wasn’t buying either theory. His suspicions snowballed when Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack died…

9/11 – An Inside Job?


For nearly 10 years now, since the World Trade Centers were brought down, there have been arguments on both sides of the fence as to whether or not it was the work of foreign terrorists, or our own governmental terrorists.  There is probably more passion than fact, but there is enough of both to form…