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Comet Elenin, Nuburu, or What?

Update: The contents of this video has been explained. There was a new moon that rose that night at 3:28 a.m.  That, coupled with the exposure time of the camera, caused the new moon to appear very bright.  The anomaly is the new moon.

You tell me. A very bright object rises with the stars before the sun comes up at 3:20 the morning of 9/24/2011. On 9/25/2011 there was a new moon, this object is much to big and bright to be Venus, which rose at 7:20  the morning.  Jupiter, also a bright object, rose at 8:20 the evening before.  There seems to be no explanation for this other than… What?

Latest Telling Images of Comet Elenin


Reprinted from Coast to Coast AM August 29, 2011 In tandem with his 8/29/11 presentation, Richard C. Hoagland sent us two images (below, click on to view larger) and this description: Here is the latest Enterprise Elenin imaging — produced from an original NASA STEREO-B satellite video, the latter recorded during Elenin’s recent encounter with a solar CME (coronal…