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Citizens are Above Being Regulated


Reprinted from private sources: It is all our duty as citizens of this Republic to enforce the terms of the Constitution and Bill of Rights… It is the Citizens of the States that are above the Constitution in standing; it is our will that is expressed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights; all offices…

Over 1000 Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting Second Amendment


Reprinted from: InfoWars Military professionals agree second amendment is primarily a defense against government tyranny Paul Joseph Watson January 31, 2013 Over 1000 Green Berets have signed a letter re-asserting their oath to support and defend the Constitution by protecting the second amendment rights of American citizens. The letter, which originally featured at ProfessionalSoldiers.com, was…

Sovereign Citizen and Law Enforcement


In the video below, law enforcement officers attempt to label a few extremist murderers as being “soverign citizens”.  They then attempt to broaden the stroke of their propaganda brush by including some of the past transgressions of law enforcement – Ruby Ridge and Waco.  No matter what you thought of those two tragedies, when you…