30 Original Jokes About #TheDress

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By Maxwell Strachan 1. Good one. We see purple and black, if you were wondering. — Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) February 27, 2015 2. Nice. The dress is red and black. — Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) February 27, 2015 3. Hah! Pretty sure the dress is purple and gold… #justsaying — Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) February 27, 2015…

University Of Oregon Decides Not To Sue Rape Survivor

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By Tyler Kingkade The University of Oregon dropped a countersuit Thursday against a student who had reported being gang-raped by three of the school’s basketball players and who subsequently sued UO for the way it handled her case. UO sparked outrage among students and faculty this month when it Source:: Huffington Sports

Judge Doty Fumbled the Ball on the Peterson Case

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By Roger I. Abrams Judge David Doty has been hearing labor and antitrust cases involving the National Football League and the Players Association for decades. Although he knows the parties and their collective bargaining agreement, his decision in the Adrian Peterson case shows he doesn’t know arbitration. His reversal of the hearing officer’s decision [READ…

Kingsford Charcoal, Of All Brands, Burns The NCAA With Hilarious Novelty Bag

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By Maxwell Strachan So, it appears that the ever-political Kingsford charcoal brand has decided to pick a fight with the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Wait, what? Here’s a first: An endorsement targeting the NCAA. Kingsford is selling charcoal bags featuring Ed O’Bannon’s image. — Jeff Eisenberg (@JeffEisenberg) February 27, 2015 If you can’t [READ…