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Scientists Unearth Fossils Of Rats The Size Of Small Dogs

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By Hilary Hanson Musophobes, quit reading now. Archaeologists with the Australian National University have discovered the fossils of seven different species of giant rats, one of which could grow to be up to 10 times the size of the critters that scurry through New York City subways. “The biggest one is about five [READ MORE…

Science Says It’s Great To Be Young

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By Lindsay Holmes For all the handwringing about millennial unhappiness, new research suggests a very different narrative: Today’s under-30 set is slightly happier than any previous generation of young adults — and happier than mature adults overall, according to a study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality [READ MORE HERE] Source:: Huffington Science

NASA Releases Stunning New Images Of 2014 Antares Rocket Disaster

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By Ed Mazza NASA has released a series of images from last year’s disaster on Wallops Island in Virginia, where an unmanned Antares rocket exploded six seconds after liftoff. No one was injured in the Oct. 28, 2014, incident. (Story continues below image) Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket was carrying a [READ MORE HERE] Source:: Huffington…

Researchers Kidnap Fluffy Seabirds In Elaborate Rescue Operation

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By Chris D’Angelo On Monday, teams of scientists dropped onto the remote mountaintops of Kauai with the mission of snatching up endangered Hawaiian seabird chicks from their burrows. Each of the juvenile Hawaiian petrels was “carefully removed by hand, placed into pet carriers, and hiked up to the tops of peaks where [READ MORE HERE]…

The Internet of Things Will Drive the Digital Transformation of Industry

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By Guido Bartels COPENHAGEN — Physical objects, such as an engine, a river or even an entire manufacturing plant, can be equipped with sensors that measure physical characteristics of the surrounding environment — the location, temperature, vibration and flow rate, to give some examples. And low-power networking technologies allow these “things” to share [READ MORE…