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VIDEO: Americans Win Nobel Prize in Medicine


Two Americans and a German-American won the Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discovering how key substances are transported within cells, a process involved in such important activities as brain cell communication and the release of insulin. (Oct. 7)

VIDEO: DIY Rave Gloves!

Build a pair of LED Rave Gloves for about $7! Fun and easy project! Here is the link to the survey and Bonus Video showing them in action! Thanks for watching! More videos at Facebook: ►Laser Videos: ►Easy Projects: ►Pranks & Jokes: ►LED Videos: ►Hacks & Mods:…

VIDEO: Google Street View Lets You Tour The Inside Of A Submarine

Google has added a remarkable new asset to its archive of decidedly-not-a-public-street locations visible in Street View: The retired Royal Navy submarine HMS Ocelot . This Oberon-class diesel electric sub was launched in 1962 and decommissioned in 1991 and now sits in dry dock in the South East of England. There are miles of pipes…