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Health Ranger adds 1000+ academic news sources to real-time news monitoring sites

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By By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) If you haven’t yet checked out, you’re missing out: the site offers a collection of over 100 topic-focused news aggregation pages where you can read breaking news headlines on all your favorite topics such as fluoride, vaccines, GMOs, herbal medicine, natural… [READ MORE HERE] Source:: Natural News

Report: Hamas Arrests Israeli Zionist Dolphin Spy

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By Jordan Schachtel Hamas militants have “arrested” a dolphin that the Islamist group claims is armed and was spying on behalf of Israel, becoming the latest example of a non-human that has been arrested by Islamic authorities and charged as a spy for Israel’s Mossad. [READ MORE HERE] Source:: Breitbart News

Clinton Spox: Asking About Wiping Server Shows There Aren’t Many ‘Legitimate Questions’

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By Ian Hanchett Clinton campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri stated, “when you get to the point where you’re answering questions about wiping servers, that you’re nearing the end of legitimate questions for her to answer” on Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.” Palmieri said Hillary is “happy to, you know, go and stand before [READ MORE HERE]…

Canadian company patents 20km Space Elevator

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By The European Union Times A towering structure rising 20 kilometers into the air with its top in the sky may sound like something out of an Old Testament passage or science fiction novel, but a Canadian space company has proposed just that to cut the costs of space exploration. Last month Thoth Technology was…