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Schools in ‘Trojan Horse’ Extremism Probe Named

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Birmingham City Council has published a list of state schools under investigation over allegations of a hard line Islamist takeover. The council issued the list in a statement today, following what it called “misinformation” in press coverage over the weekend. On Sunday, the Telegraph published a leaked report by school inspectors Ofsted on three schools…

Tesla delivers first electric cars to China

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By RT The first delivery consisted of eight vehicles, says the Financial Times (FT). “At some point in the next three or four years we’ll be establishing local manufacturing in China,” Bloomberg quotes Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive. The company promises it will build a nationwide network of charging stations and service centers as fast…

Putin advocates single cultural space within Russian borders

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By RT “It is not very important what is written in one’s documents in the ethnicity field. What is important is self-identification, what people think of themselves, what basic principles had been laid in them since childhood and what are their guidelines in ethics and morals,” Putin said at the Wednesday meeting with his aide…

Obama pledges support to Japan in China dispute

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By RT The tiny islands in the East China Sea have been a source of tension between the two Asian nations. But Obama says they are covered by a bilateral security treaty that would oblige the US to come to Japan’s defense if China decided to take the islands by force. “The policy of the…

Häagen-Dazs Japan to Release Vegetable Ice Cream

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TOKYO, April 22 (UPI) — Would you eat veggie ice cream? Häagen-Dazs Japan is about to debut two vegetable-based ice cream flavors for a new line called “Spoon Vege,” set to hit shelves May 12. To make it palatable, the company added fruity flavors to its vegetables, so the “Spoon Vege” line will be available…

​China’s eco-crisis: 60% of underground water polluted

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By RT China’s Ministry of Land and Resources has been monitoring at least 4,778 areas in 203 Chinese cities in 2013, the official Xinhua news agency said. According an annual report unveiled by the ministry, in at least 43.9 percent of the monitored sites the underground water was ranked as “relatively poor” and in 15.7…