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Sake 2 Me Sushi … Sake 2 Me Some More


This was our favorite sushi restaurant when it was called Sushi Boy and it remained our favorite after it re-opened as Sake 2 Me Sushi.  Initially, it was quiet as not too many customers had discovered it yet but as time went by, it became more popular until one Saturday, we arrived to find that we needed…

Sake2Me Menu

Our Menu All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Many of our customers enjoy our all-you-can-eat menu because it offers the chance to sample a wide variety of sushi preparations at a fixed price. We like to think of it as “sushi school” and are happy to help you start your “education” at Sake 2 Me Sushi! All-You-Can-Eat Lunch $19.95…

VIDEO: Cocktails 101 : Breakfast Margarita

There’s nothing like a fresh and fruity start into the day, into the night or just in between. For the second episode of our HOW TO video series, Drayton’s Bar manager Kylee Lynch demonstrates how to mix a perfect Breakfast Margarita. Ingredients: 1.5 fl oz. Don Julio Tequila, 0.5 fl oz. Cointreau, 0.5 fl oz.…

VIDEO: Cocktails 101 : The Zombie

This week we go all the way and present the mother of all freak drinks: The Zombie Blood. Ingredients: 1.4 fl. oz. Bacardi, 1 fl oz. dark rum, 0.7 fl. oz. Chambord, Pineapple, Orange juice, Lime juice, Sugar syrup, Fresh berries, & Overproof rum. Look out for more videos to release soon with Complex TV.

VIDEO: Cocktails 101 : Chocolate Ginger Martini

For the fourth, and for now, last episode of our HOW TO cocktail series for COMPLEX, we present an intensely flavorful yet sweet and decadent cocktail. Ingredients:1 fl oz. Belvedere Vodka, 0.7 fl oz. Canton ginger liquor, 0.7 Mozart white chocolate liquor,0.7 sugar syrup.

Tommy’s Burgers in Wilmington


A burger joint? Not just a burger joint, but a burger restaurant.  What a great little place to go if you are in the mood for a big, greasy, tasty burger! Tommy’s is a small burger restaurant at the corner of Anaheim Street and Broad Avenue in Wilmington, California.  Also known as Original Tommy’s, this…

The Chowder Barge

How could someone describe a restaurant that floats on an old barge, is “rustic”, has a really basic atmosphere, but has some of the best clam chowder that I’ve ever had?  Great! The Chowder Barge is a restaurant located in Wilmington, California that is within Leeward Bay Marina.  This part of Wilmington is along a…