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Dr. Jim Garrow: From Barbara Davis

From Barbara Davis: Trump did have a live meeting earlier today, I saw it from beginning to end live! I’ve just discovered they took down the full unedited version of it down and have edited it! They want Trump supporters to think Trump is taking guns away hoping they’ll thin out his supporters so he…

Protester Pulls Weapon and Gets Hit by Truck

For some reason, Millennials think it is okay and legal to protest by standing in the street. Others think they can run across the street and all traffic will stop for them, so there is no need to look before you cross. The ANTIFA moron in this video learned otherwise.

The Protester as Mercenary

The Protestor As Mercenary:   Decades ago there was a series in the early days of television that found heroic deeds in the actions of a paid for hire gun in the old west. “Have Gun, Will Travel” told the tale of a mercenary of the old west who would respond to communications with those…

Drew Pooters: The Korean War

When someone has the flu, it’s never good to aggravate them; it tends to lead to involuntary homicide; so I will clear up some misconceptions for the melting flakes out there. These are facts, not “truth”, “point of view”, or any such fantasy thinking as the left likes to do.: 1) The Korean War was…