T.G. Peranteau

Early years obtained an engineering degree (EE), and went on to design and deploy voice and data systems. Well-versed in astronomy, aviation design and theory, and atmospherics. Now built and owns an ISP that caters to a limited clientele and centers around privacy and shielding clients from the prying eyes of both governments and hackers.

MUST-SEE: Malcolm X on Liberals

We found this little jewel and wanted to share it with all our readers. Malcolm X goes into detail about how the left-wing ideologies are what has been suppressing the black man for many years.

Catalina Island Postmortem

Where to start… A few months ago we decided to take an extended sail out to the island. This was actually going to be a shakedown as part of a mini-vacation that we planned. [READ MORE HERE]

The Evil Empire and the Rothschild Timeline

The French Connection – The History of the “Money Changers” Reprinted and full credit within. By Andrew Hitchcock, 26 Feb 2006. He also wrote the Rothschild timeline. Here is an illustrated version of this timeline. Economists continually try and sell the public the idea that recessions or depressions are a natural part of what they call the…

United Airlines Removes Passenger: Were They Wrong?

This past Sunday, a man was dragged off a United Airlines flight. When you first hear this, as the mainstream fake news would want you to, your reaction might be anger against the airlines and police. After all, this poor man was a 69-year-old doctor that had paid for his ticket. He had a right…

The Islamic Invasion of Europe and Soon the United States

The Horror While I have been watching in horror as details unfold regarding the murderous events in Europe, propagated by Muslims, I have become more and more puzzled as to why Europe is allowing the influx of unvetted Muslims. This is indeed an Islamic Invasion. One can only speculate, but at the least it seems…

The Death of Planet Mars

The planet Mars has long been the subject of speculation among both scientists and SciFi writers, alike. This can probably be at least partially be attributed to the fact that Mars is not only close to the Earth, relatively speaking, but also because Mars is not that much smaller or dissimilar to the Earth. Our…