Dr. Jim Garrow

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Founding Fathers of the United States
The Bethune Institute
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Founder, Principal driving force, Located offices in Shenzhen , China, Chongqing, China with affiliate schools all across China

Dr. Jim Garrow: The Obama Method

The Obama Method 1/ Screw the people 2/ Find a handy scape goat for your actions 3/ Fire the scapegoat 4/ Express outrage – “You’re madder than hell” 5/ Undermine anyone who gets in the way of your continued screwing of the people 6/ Express outrage if an investigation shows that you are the problem…

Dr. Jim Garrow: The Day We Were Betrayed

The Day We Were Betrayed: When you look at where we are today and what we will allow, countenance, or promote, you have to shake your head at our complicity with depravity. Harsh summary I know, but necessary. We are now delivered into the hands of Bureaucracies that no longer serve us, but see themselves…

Obama and His Social Security Fraud

A repost from Dr. Jim Garrow Courtesy of John Wayne’s daughter SSN 042-68-4425 Well, Well, Well, it looks like someone thoroughly checked this out! I was wondering who was going to do research into B.O.’s SSN’s numbers… Jean Paul Luwig or Barak Hussein Obama? SSN# 042-68-4425 WOW, read this, it’s short – very interesting. An…

John B. Wells: Server Crashes From Massive Traffic

In an announcement made late yesterday, John B. Wells gave some insight as to the problems that he is having, and that are typical of launching a new website.  What he describes in his announcement is a scenario of growth pains, but these are the good kinds of pains. Wells describes how his team installed…