Dr. Jim Garrow: Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For The Mainstream Media To Report This

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For The Mainstream Media To Report This:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Donald Trump’s immigration policy is mainstream. It is not extremist. It’s not radical. It’s exactly what normal people in America think. We’re in the midst of a titanic battle over what is normal in the United States. And those on the fringes are out there trying to establish and fight every day that they are what’s normal. And that’s what this battle is all about in whatever area or issue you’re talking about.

But Trump’s immigration policy, wanting a wall, deport the moment they’re caught, no catch-and-release, whatever, just enforce existing law, 70% of the American people support it. That’s normal. That is mainstream. In fact, that vast majority, 88%, opposed separating illegal immigrant families while they’re in the country and think it ought not to be done. But Trump’s even in the mainstream on that because he has written an executive order in violation of federal law that keeps families united.
– Rush Limbaugh –

Dr. Jim Garrow

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