Dr. Jim Garrow: There Is Nothing Illegal About Being Stupid In A Public Place

There Is Nothing Illegal About Being Stupid In A Public Place:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Until Maxine Waters began inciting riots and encouraging violence and racism she was in a safe zone. Being stupid is not a criminal activity, neither is beating a dead horse and hoping that it will change its mind. Maxine dearest broke the law when she encouraged sedition. Maxine honey bunch broke the law when she encouraged going after people because of the color of their skin.

As I point out in the title it is not illegal to be stupid nor is it illegal to be stupid in a public place. Breaking the law however and preaching hatred and sedition needs an arrest to take place. Has Maxine been arrested? I thought not. Has Maxine been institutionalized to determine if she is a danger to herself or others? No it has not happened you say! Stand on any street corner in the nation and proclaim the tripe that Maxine utters and you would be led away for your own good, your own personal safety.

Why is the law not applied to Maxine Waters? Fear? Bribery? Is she above the law?

Arrest Maxine Waters now!

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

Actor/Self employed Actor · Toronto, Ontario Founding Fathers of the United States The Bethune Institute Executive Director Founder, Principal driving force, Located offices in Shenzhen , China, Chongqing, China with affiliate schools all across China 

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