Dr. Jim Garrow: Trudeau’s Technicolor Dream Is Soon To Become A Depressing Nightmare

Trudeau’s Technicolor Dream Is Soon To Become A Depressing Nightmare:

Dr. Jim Garrow

So Trudeau puts a 270% tariff on dairy products coming from America into Canada and when President Trump calls him on it and his dishonest statements about equity Turdeau lies about what is going on?

This is not a battle that Canada will win. If the US wants to shut its borders to Canadians dumping of cars at preferred rates in response to Turdeaus comments then Canada will have an economic recession that will destroy the economy. Shut your pie hole Turdeau, you are way beyond your art teacher depth.

Canadians should be knocking the doors down of their Members of Parliament and stopping this insanity before the elephant rolls over on the little beaver. Never start a war if you haven’t got the armament to win it.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

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