Dr. Jim Garrow: Listening Ears All Around Us – When America Wants Privacy She Chooses DEAF

Listening Ears All Around Us – When America Wants Privacy She Chooses DEAF:

Dr. Jim Garrow

You may think that this title is a little obvious and somewhat silly to bring up but during my days in teachers college at the University of Toronto we were told that you need to hear something 7 or 8 times before it registers. But as you well know that is the University where folks like Jordan Petersen are employed, Banting and Best developed insulin and we learned that “The Medium is the Message”. How credible can a place like that be?

At the moment folks from a Mom in the kitchen to Cabinet Ministers of one government or another, the leader or two of various countries and a variety store owner around the corner all have DEAF on their phones. The why is simple, they want to protect the privacy of their conversations. Earlier in the week a candidate for governor in a US state called and added DEAF’s protections to his cellphone. He had heard about DEAF from his doctor. In fact our growth in subscribers has been accomplished without once advertising the program, word of mouth is it. When a young man and I had a near crash in the parking lot at the UPS store we had a great laugh over coffee and he took DEAF to India the next month. 72,000 people in that nation have DEAF on their cell phones and the growth there keeps us all up at night. In America a tiny fraction of that number have done the same.

Eventually the light will go on in the American minds. The Pelosi clan wanted it for Hillary, that didn’t fly. Donald Trump had no leaks – DEAF won for America. And most recently this was the summary of the leader of Team America at the NATO talks in Paris.

“Before I left for Paris to attend the NATO Meeting in January of 2017, I asked that DEAF be added to my personal cell phone and those of my entire team. The service protected the privacy of our phone calls, both domestic and overseas, and it was a critical component in our overall security plan.”

— U.S. Army Major General Paul Vallely, (Retired) —

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

Actor/Self employed Actor · Toronto, Ontario Founding Fathers of the United States The Bethune Institute Executive Director Founder, Principal driving force, Located offices in Shenzhen , China, Chongqing, China with affiliate schools all across China 

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