Dr. Jim Garrow: The Newest Left Wing Malady

The Newest Left Wing Malady:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Different seasons of the year often bring with them a return of certain diseases. Mid winter has its flu season, colds start in the fall and then we get the spring and summer allergy epidemics that make life miserable for so many. The media have managed to make the season of lies a full year round sharing of misery for many of us. I am not sure what the triggers are for this multi seasonal epidemic of bologna but the left catch it early and often. They then proceed to glad hand to everyone who will listen and spread the disease of untruth across a wide spectrum of victims. The vaccine that prevents such huge numbers of people from being effected has been limited to those whose ability to switch off media has not been compromised.

To assure that you are not being exposed to the lie/bologna/bogus information mutations that have arrived with the Presidential campaign of President Trump, turn off your televisions, radios, computers and sit in a darkened room for a few moments each day. A zen like atmosphere permeated with a rigorous chant of “the scum sucking pigs in the media lie constantly” might help to lessen the increase in blood pressure, the nausea and your intense desire to empty a clip in the direction of a nearby screen. There is no guarantee however that the negative impact of the lying media on your psyche will not be long lasting. Listen to folks like Sean Hannity to help ease the pain, or take a small dose of Micheal Savage or Rush Limbaugh as preventative measures. Again, there is no guaranteed cure as yet other than the off button or knob.

The best prevention of course is always in your hands and our best advice is to avoid public places where lies are usually spread when truth tellers are absent. Only you can prevent the spread of disease and in this season of unrest, avoiding liberals is one method that has great success in stopping the spread of lies. Keep telling the truth and the liars will either avoid you or increase their volume, in which case a hasty retreat is the best medicine. Keep safe and may the truth be with you.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

Actor/Self employed Actor · Toronto, Ontario Founding Fathers of the United States The Bethune Institute Executive Director Founder, Principal driving force, Located offices in Shenzhen , China, Chongqing, China with affiliate schools all across China 

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