Dr.Jim Garrow: Protecting the Guilty or Paving the Way for Effective Prosecution?

Protecting the Guilty or Paving the Way for Effective Prosecution?

Dr. Jim Garrow

Much is being said ahead of the release of the FISA memo and I want us all to remind ourselves that the memo itself is merely the entrance point to the trail leading to the exposure of the actions of many. What is done with that information becomes of paramount importance? Will this produce criminal charges or a circling of the wagons by those less interested in the rule of law than their own self-interest and power playing?

I want to remind folks that even those involved in the maintaining of law and order can be waylaid by the corrupt into being accused of wrongdoing all the while doing what they can to end some pretty horrific criminal and immoral activity. My case in point is what is going on with General Flynn. The power of the pedophile rings around the globe is front and centre of what this patriotic American has had to endure. Manipulated into the appearance of lying to the FBI while attempting to protect the integrity of the investigation of pedophile rings in America and across the globe is not something that should result in a criminal investigation but rather should be lauded as heroic activity in the protection of our most innocent.

The left is portraying themselves as the great protectors of law and order all the while fortifying the perverse against assault from those of us who hold a Biblical view of morality and see children, not as sex objects but gifts from the Almighty in need of protection. We are warned in Scripture that there will be those that turn right into wrong and wrong into right, and they are battling now for control. Pray that God would honor those that honor Him and His commandments, and render to those who defy Him and His word quick and final judgment.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

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