Dr. Jim Garrow: Man/Woman/Person of the Year for 2017

Man/Woman/Person of the Year for 2017:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Now I remember why you should never make a selection for something annual until the end of the year that you are choosing the person for. I had earlier picked Cliven Bundy for man of the year and now must modify my choice as it is still 2017 and the clearest, bravest, statements before the entire world just flowed from the mouth of Nikki Haley as she told the world that America is back, a sovereign nation who will call the shot on her own spending without apology.

In a statement that had you either jumping up from your seat cheering or trying to lift your jaw off the floor you heard an American speaking for all of America telling the United Nations where to go. You want our money, Ms Haley said without equivocation, then stop bad mouthing America. Plain, direct and simple, so simple even the islamists could fathom it.

So whether directed by the President in every word or just speaking from words that she wrote herself, Haley restored pride in America and if that isn’t what an award for being the man or woman of the year isn’t about then I may be missing it entirely. But I nominate now, Ambassador Nikki Haley for the 2017 Man/Woman/Person of the year for the United States of America.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

Actor/Self employed Actor · Toronto, Ontario Founding Fathers of the United States The Bethune Institute Executive Director Founder, Principal driving force, Located offices in Shenzhen , China, Chongqing, China with affiliate schools all across China 

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