Dr. Jim Garrow: An Interesting Week For Phone Calls

Dr. Jim Garrow

An Interesting Week For Phone Calls:

Of late I have not spent nearly as much time as I normally would reading, discussing and commenting on the days events. This acting thing is grabbing a lot more of my time than I thought that it might. I even turned down the chance to drive my motorcycle into a scene, hop off and join a bunch of bikers playing cards and drinking in a motel room. The young singer whose music video this scene was to be part of I had never heard of. A less than stellar case was attempted by a producer to get me to be part of it. I declined.

This was as I have pointed out, an interesting week for phone calls. Not just a producer or two, but a former President, a few Senators, a couple of House Reps, quite a few actors, a General, an Admiral and a few lesser service officers of one sort or another. Lots of calls from folks asking questions. Was the shooter in Vegas a CIA hireling? Is Trudeau a communist? Will I be attending the two film festivals with Stella Maris playing to them (nobody called asking this one)?

I am not sure that Mr. Bannon has positioned himself to maximize his ability to influence public opinion and thereby move the yardstick to the right. It is certainly proving to be a slow build, if not a failing effort. We shall see, Steve is a very bright guy and may be able to pull it off. He has the ear of the President and continues to have impact, thank goodness.

People who make sense and have a clear perspective on the communist intrusion into the mainstream whether media, government service, or international relations, are a rare commodity. Thankfully the doors are open for dialogue, my phone is always available for a chat.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

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