The Protester as Mercenary

The Protestor As Mercenary:


Decades ago there was a series in the early days of television that found heroic deeds in the actions of a paid for hire gun in the old west. “Have Gun, Will Travel” told the tale of a mercenary of the old west who would respond to communications with those in need of a hired gun through a newspaper advertisement. Folks would contact him and Palladin would respond. His calling card and television program logo feature a black knights piece from the chess board. A significant choice.


This modern day knight would find himself in moral battles and ideological warfare with the unjust, the unlawful, the cruel, the egomaniacal, quislings, traitors, and the unfaithful. We loved him because he righted wrongs and we pictured ourselves as knights without armor filled with a notion of honor and a perspective that knew right from wrong with courage of heart and bravery displayed in his fists and his gun. Much to admire but also a social statement that  law would often be misused by some in places of power and influence. A message that we would be well advised to remember as we observe todays goings on.


The comparatives of todays protestors and mercenaries certainly do not parallel the hero Palladin. In fact the mobs that demand their way or the highway. have no finesse to them, little understanding, and little to be praised as they seek destruction, not reconciliation. They seek havoc and chaos not justice and the reestablishment of balance in the universe. Of late we have come to know that the protestors of today get $25 per hour to appear to be standing up for what they believe in. These arbiters of morality get bussed to their protests and get instruction on how to behave and break the law. These are not knights, but merely thugs. The Paladins of today are the Sheriff Joes whose adherence to law has been turned on its head by the very rent a mob types who would profit from protest and destruction. They do not want the balance that the Lady with the blindfold and the Scales seeks. They want their way to dominate for the moment that their hands are filled with cash and the heart pumping activity that gives meaning to their lives in that moment. 


Keep in mind what is happening to a Palladin of today, who does have a badge and a gun and seeks to maintain law and order. He is reviled and his destruction is demanded of the same paid in cash mercenaries that would cause Palladin to respond to the cry of the down trodden wanting justice and their peaceful lives restored. I wish Sheriff Joe Arpaio well.



– Dr. Jim Garrow –

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