Kimball Corson: Our Truly Bad Leaders

Our Truly Bad Leaders

Kimball Corson

There was a day in America — specifically, before Reagan — when bad, evil and greedy men had to act covertly and put on a different public face. That is no longer true. Now they appear as they are and without pretense. Congressmen McConnell and Ryan come to mind first here. Although they are charged with protecting and acting in the public interest, they brazenly act contrary to it all the time, and in the interests of the wealthy. And for that, they are deemed and made leaders of congress and recognized as such.

They make no bones about their willingness to injure the public in favor those who pay their way. They plow ahead with their doings. They are corrupt and bought, yet hold high public office. They are proud of themselves and unabashed that they are properly viewed as corrupt and evil men. A judgment at large that they cannot escape. It is reflected often in their own facial expressions. Ryan, in twisted anxiousness. McConnell, in bland, wide-eyed indignation.

But to be sure these are evil men without pretense of being anything else. All they care about is their legislative goals and successes. They feel no remorse or need to apologize, the hallmarks of decent men. They are doers of dirt.

We can only hope that America can survive its political system until it comes to its senses.

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