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Drew Pooters

I find it amazing that women are surprised that some men are old school when it comes to holding the door open for them; some are actually shocked that someone remembers manners and courtesy. Of course, the degree of acceptance varies with age; mature women are often found smiling and thanking me, some in their 30’s are shocked, but welcome it, and those younger than 30 are, well, at times offended. Quite a few times from that group I get a, “I am capable of opening the door myself!”
While it may be the subject of derision, the main question in my mind that often comes up to ask is this: “Yes, you are capable of opening a door yourself; but are you also just as capable of finding a man who will respect you like a gentleman does? I think not.”
Well, I do have good insurance coverage in case I finally have had enough and tell one that to her face.

Drew Pooters

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