Drew Pooters: The Korean War

Drew Pooters

When someone has the flu, it’s never good to aggravate them; it tends to lead to involuntary homicide; so I will clear up some misconceptions for the melting flakes out there. These are facts, not “truth”, “point of view”, or any such fantasy thinking as the left likes to do.:
1) The Korean War was never over – it was an Armistice in place since 1953, with a LONG history of provocations by North Korea against South Korea. So no, Trump isn’t starting a war, you miserable half wits, but he may just FINISH one.
2) The Norks acquired nukes due to the Clintons. The old, we can achieve peace in our time “Chamberlain Award” that will soon bring us Iranian nukes. So, look at your own damn party for allowing Fat Chin Ho to have nukes….better yet, would love to send all you peace and love types to the DMZ there so you see just what your Communist Brethren really think of you.
3) The Dem party has a long history of giving in to the wrong people, and the rest of us paying for it – but what do you expect of people who have poor visions of how life truly is, whereupon they make even crappier decisions? Yeah, we need voter IQ. from now on.
4) So, if any snowflake out there desires to have an expedient move to go to the next life, just SAY the wrong thing at this point.
I’m Drew Pooters and not only do I approve this message, but approval of excessive force in the waking up of snowflakes is hereby approved.

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