Drew Pooters: On North Korea

Drew Pooters

On North Korea: When I see the Chinese leader Xi standing with Trump on the same side, I have to realize that: a) Trump made a great deal for them, B ) that deal will allow a regime change so they can keep North Korea and make it more friendly to the Chinese, and C) stop the nut with the nuke.
“So what?”, you say? Well If I were Trump, and understanding HOW he thinks, for getting rid of the nut with the nuke, he’ll shitcan SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization – which he does not like akin to NATO), which will leave South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and a few other places WITHOUT U.S. protection. BUT – he’ll offer good discounts on U.S. made weapons, revitalizing the U.S. defense industry. He gets rid of leeches while making a buck…I like it. In short, China will still have stiff opposition, but it WON’T be us for a change. Whatcha think?

Drew Pooters

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