Dr. Jim Garrow: I’m So Pretty, I’m So Pretty

I’m So Pretty, I’m So Pretty:

Dr. Jim Garrow

The clown in the Oval Office looked in the mirror and said to himself, “Self, no one appreciates you as much as I do. Nobody knows the struggles that I’ve seen, nobody knows but me, myself and I.

He who measures himself by himself knows the worth of nothing. The man who believes himself to be a God has no understanding of truth nor the one true God. We have put up with the nonsense of the fool on Pennsylvania Avenue for 8 years. As long as his feet are welcomed over the step of the door of the White House the nation is in danger of his folly, his ego and the spirits that haunt his soul. His efforts to unseat the King of this land in the person of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have failed to accomplish that end. He managed to embarrass the nation in front of the One True God and break the promises made by the Founding Fathers to Him who should be praised and honored. But as the grass of the field the days of Obama are drawing to a close. The stench of his sin, his perfidy, his lawlessness, his worship of a false God will have rule for a short time until the day when the prayers of repentance of His people will be heard by Him, the sin of the nation forgiven and the joy of salvation visited upon us again.

Look to the heavens for our redeemer comes and our salvation is assured. Hell prevailed for a time and the demons made accusation in front of Gods throne. That day is coming to an end and the sun will shine through again. Praise God for His faithfulness, render unto Him that which is due to Him. Pour His blessings back into His House and enable the work of His servants to do His bidding. The days are short that are available for the repentance of many. Do what you can to assist in that effort, choose that which is eternal and give up that which is merely for a short time. Invest in forever, invest in the harvest which is full and ready. Souls are waiting and the time is short.

On the day that we once again declare that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the one that blesses America and in whose name the Republic was established, on that day January 20, 2017, America will be free again to serve Him as He directs. May His Will be done, may His Name be praised throughout the land.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

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