Left/Right, Democrat/Republican, One and the Same

Democrat/Republican – Nothing will change until we all realize that the Democrat/Republican, left/right paradigm is the problem. Both parties are one and the same. One is Socialist and one is Fascist – both are against the People.

This is not going to be easy. They have control and carte blanche to steal from us, all while controlling us, as they wish. The only way to fix this is to take back our power, as a people.

Voting does not help. Our right to vote has been coopted long ago. Remember how Bush beat Gore? Remember how Paul was removed from the polls? Remember that Sanders was stopped by the Democratic machine?

Now, see how the powers that be want to disarm you while ensuring their bodyguards, police, military, and government agencies are armed and have all the ammunition that they need? There is really no way to fix what is wrong. If we want to be free and rid ourselves of the corruption of politics, we need to take our country back. After that, we can return to our petty little arguments.

Arm up, my fellow patriots, and learn to handle your firearms.  We will need to know these things in order to take our country back.  This is according to our forefathers.

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