‘World Vision’ in Grip of Israel’s Fallacies

Israel’s stone and mirror fantasies portray Mohammed El Halabi as a criminal, endangering the operation of World Vision in Gaza.

Mohammed El Halabi, the Gaza manager of World Vision via presstv.ir


It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Israel’s self-created traps and accusations for others have no ends. The Israeli hasbara circus has again not failed to provide a source of comedy to the world by crafting a flawed web. The web-weaving-spiders, this time, include Shin Bet, Israel’s government, Shurat HaDin, and prominent media bodies. Contorted truths, self-generated fallacies, and fictitious criminal charges have been drawn to target Mohammed El Halabi, the Gaza manager of the World Vision.


Following in the footsteps of the Bush-Blair legacy (the weapons of mass destruction prank plotted by these rather superior personalities), Israel is yet again hell bent to prove something (what a joke it is) to the world. Attempts to redirect the blame of Israel’s ruthless oppression on Gaza to Mohammed El Halabi’s are being made. The charges he is subject to include an elaborate money embezzlement crime coupled with terrorist activities. The dedicated worker of the World Vision, who counsels and supports children from war-trodden countries, is subject to false accusations.


Knowledge Hunt – Who is Mohammed El Halabi?

El-Halabi assisting a student, incorporating hope in her life via humanosphere.com


A noble and a dedicated worker, El Halabi, is reputed to be a “trusted colleague” and a “family man”. Working for more than 10 years with the World Vision, this man has proved his worth to the community services sector time and again. His tenacity and hard work earned him the title of a ‘Humanitarian Hero’ by the United Nations, in light of his celebration for aid workers on World Humanitarian Day, 2014. Given what these aid workers undergo in their efforts to redeem countries and societies destroyed by war, it is imperative that their hard work is acknowledged. And El Halabi did just that!


His years of social service subsumes providing care during Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead”, “Operation Pillar of Defence” and the horrendous war on Gaza, “Operation Protective Edge” which lasted for 51 days.


It was no wonder that El Halabi was a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder and routine stress caused by the Zionist siege. On 15th June 2016, he was arrested when returning to Gaza as the World Vision representative for the continuation of his social welfare work. What adds more fuel to the protests of the people is that El Halabi was detained by the Israel Security Agency (ISA), also called Shin Bet, for 25 days with no access to a lawyer or other detention rights, whatsoever! If this isn’t a blatant violation of human rights, I don’t know what is!


According to the World Vision’s statement on 21st June,


“To date, World Vision is not aware of his whereabouts and of what (if anything) he is being accused.


World Vision is extremely concerned about the safety of Mohammed, and is working closely with its lawyer, diplomatic and government contacts to get more information on the situation, push for fair legal representation, and ultimately get him released as soon as possible.”


Moreover, World Vision also asked for El Halabi’s release on the grounds that


“authorities respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and proceed fairly and objectively on the presumption of innocence.”


The Stark Variation in Headlines


The ‘presumption of innocence’ is a valuable democratic rule which is essential in protecting the sanctity of true democracy. However, this rule of law was aptly ignored and overruled by the western Pavlovian presstitutes when they eagerly published headlines portraying El Halabi as guilty.  




  • World Vision Palestinian funds suspended over Hamas charges – The Australian
  • Australia suspends World Vision’s Palestine aid after allegations funds were diverted- The Guardian(Australia)
  • British donations to Christian charity World Vision were ‘used to build a Hamas military base in Gaza’ –The Telegraph (UK)
  • World Vision’s Gaza manager funneled millions to Hamas: Israel – NBC News
  • Israel: World Vision Gaza boss diverted cash to Hamas – BBC News
  • Australia suspends World Vision aid after Hamas stole Gaza charity – Jerusalem Post
  • Israel charges aid group’s Gaza branch manager with funneling funds to Hamas – New York Times

Versus these:


  • Christian charity rejects Israeli claim funds went to Hamas – Electronic Intifada
  • World Vision says Gaza aid is audited, doubts Hamas pocketed millions – Times of Israel
  • World Vision: El Halabi is a ‘trusted colleague’ – Days of Palestine


Can you feel which headlines appear biased and judgemental?


World Vision’s Meticulously Crafted Audits

After totally failing to take into consideration the ‘presumption of innocence’ rule, the lackey, and the biased media pondered way too much on World Vision’s claim that its activities in Palestine were ‘purely clean’. These included looking after children as well as teaching and treating them psychologically according to World Vision’s Child-Protection Policy. Moreover, Adult day care centers and activities were also conducted. The CEO of the World Vision Australia,Tim Costello, enunciated that


“We have nothing to do with terror, with diverting funds, and other donor governments, besides the Australian government, that fund us, have done audits too, without ever any suggestion of this impropriety.”


The World Vision International seconded this by stating that,


“Programmes in Gaza have been subject to regular internal and independent audits, independent evaluations, and a broad range of internal controls aimed at ensuring that assets reach their intended beneficiaries and are used in compliance with applicable laws and donor requirements.”

World Vision spreading happiness via electronicintifada.net


Shin Bet’s Fabricated Story


It’s funny how in this world of research a story is falsely manifested and published without any second thought on the content. Shin Bet’s narrative of El Halabi’s involvement with the Hamas is like something straight out of a bestselling fictional thriller, except that it is full of discrepancies. The fact that the Israeli Government is indifferent to them speaks volumes about the credibility of Shin Bet’s story.


“It said the aid money he funneled to Hamas, and to its military wing the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, amounted to about $7.2m (£5.4m) a year.” (BBC) and “divert up to $50 million over the years to the militant group, which rules Gaza, creating fictitious humanitarian projects and doctoring inflated receipts in order to get the funds to Hamas, said the Shin Bet.”  (Washington Post)


These values are inconsistent with the meager budget World Vision has reserved for Palestine.


Any sane-minded journalist or publisher would scrutinize every word of the apparently-perceived El Halabi’s confession. Not to forget that any confession made under duress (i.e. torture) or without legal rights is inadmissible in the court of law.


“Arutz Sheva reported that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein ‘personally and concretely’ approved torture” by Shin Bet against the Duma arson Jewish suspects. Furthermore, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) demanded “the Justice Ministry to immediately launch an investigation” into the illegal brutal torture which was denied by Shin Bet. It “included sleep deprivation for days, the beating of a minor’s sensitive organs until he could not feel kicks and slaps, and one suspect whose head was pulled backward until he violently vomited.”


Not surprisingly, the Israeli army Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz (Gaza’s Murderer), accused Shin Bet of portraying a “false narrative ahead of potential investigative committee into ‘Operation Protective Edge’.”


As daunting as it sounds, if Shin Bet has the audacity to assault their own, they wouldn’t think twice before carrying any sort of torture on El Halabi in the 25 days he was held incognito.


A past incident narrated by Richard Silverstein reveals what Shin Bet would do to have things their way. A Palestinian journalist was captured in Hebron and forced to give a “confession for a crime that never was”. Seems like Shin Bet has mastered the dirty trade of fabricating confessions!


The Hamas Influence


One element that is contributing to Israel’s hasbara success is the rumor that El Halabi is a member of the Hamas. This manipulation of facts has deprived the public of the truth. The Hamas factor alone strikes hammers in people’s minds thanks to it being portrayed as a terrorist organization. The mere possibility that El Halabi is a product of Hamas stirs a wave of dubiousness.


What is known to few is that Hamas is a legal resistance movement against Israel’s oppression. The crimes Israel has perpetrated on Palestine’s land and people are unimaginably horrible, especially the crimes against humanity, genocide, and colonial expansionism. What Hamas is doing is absolutely legal! In a world where superpowers get away with crimes on the notion of ‘preemptive self-defense’, Hamas is very justified in being aggressive and defensive. According to the International Law, Israel’s takeover is illegal, thus defeating Israel’s shrewdly mustered claims of Palestine’s ownership. Not only has Israel physically scarred the Palestinians, it has also robbed them of the ability to dream, and live successful lives. Something Israel should definitely pay for!


Shurat HaDin

Shin Bet’s joystick to toy around with is an Israeli law firm which, undoubtedly, is a mockery of the profession. Not only does it have a
record of frequently wrongly convicting people, such as the Professor Jake Lynch of Sydney University of antiSemitism, it is here yet again to prove its futility. Despite suffering a massive loss against another charity group in 2012 (also accused of funding Gaza-based terrorist groups), Shurat HaDin is all ready to experience another failure (with its take on El Halabi’s case).


In the aforementioned case against the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, known to be a nonprofit company, the AusAID and Australian Federal Police proved that Shurat HaDin was spinning false accusations out of thin air and discarded them all as baloney. It is rightly said that one shouldn’t forget his/her failures!


The Clandestine Motives of the Israeli Government


The attack on the World Vision can be said to have ulterior and sinister agendas which Ali Abunimah has underscored in his write-up.


“Israel has launched a major crackdown on domestic and Palestinian non-governmental organizations through intimidation campaigns and repressive legislation.”


“By spreading sensational allegations that a group as well-known as World Vision is “funding terrorism,” Israel may seek to put other organizations and the Israel-friendly Western governments that fund them on notice that all their operations, especially in Gaza, are at its mercy,” he said.


“It may also be an effort to break growing solidarity for Palestinians in churches, where there has been a strong push to hold Israel accountable through boycott, divestment, and sanctions” and ensuring it “controls entry of reconstruction supplies into the territory.”


This disgustingly fictitious plot also targets Save The Children and UNDP in order to deter them from aiding the victims of Israel’s atrocities. These attacks are meant to permanently damage the children of Gaza, depriving them of any chance for rehabilitation. Adults and senior citizens are deprived of care and have been sacrificed in this bloody battle. Let them suffer no longer!


Israel’s dire efforts to protect its reputation are being rendered useless due to its inhumane treatment of the Palestinians. With the likes of Shurat HaDin and Shin Bet on its side, Israel is definitely making a mockery out of itself and its reputation. Sadly, the Palestinians and the nonprofit organizations are being smoldered in the process, as collateral damage.  


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