Hillary Clinton Did It!

Lying sack of excrement file photo.

Lying sack of excrement file photo.

Reprinted with permission from TheIrateConservative.com

Well, folks, she did it

Hillary Clinton managed to once again bypass the law and get away with it. The Clintons shenanigans date back far before the time when most of the Millennials were born. From the first we heard of Hillary, back during the Watergate days when she was fired for lying and unethical behaviors, to Whitewater, to Vince Foster, to Benghazi, to today. There are probably many criminal events that the Clintons were involved with that escape me right now, but what we have in front of us is in a way beyond most of what they have been up to. Perhaps it was because in the past we did not have the Internet to proliferate information so rapidly, or perhaps we are just a more enlightened citizenry as of late. Either way, you have to take a long and hard look at what has just happened in our system

They’re so slippery

This time around the Clintons, probably due to the fact that they are so powerful today, to not only control the Democratic Party, but to have their 13557791_981692645281913_1744445008836543753_ntentacles in the Justice department and the F.B.I. This is new to even these scoundrels. And with the latest announcement from the F.B.I. that they will not be seeking an indictment against Hillary, the public outcry and the obvious illegal pandering to the Clintons is beyond imagination.

Ex parte anyone?

Bill Clinton meets ex parte with Lynch of the Justice Department, F.B.I. Director James Comey then comes out and states that the F.B.I will not be filing an indictment against Hillary Clinton, and she just gets off. How cozy is that? What a racket.

Not sure how the rest of you feel, but I’m liking the Second Amendment more and more these days. Heaven forbid this wayward government should stay on this track.

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