Gustavo Arellano: A Man Who Plays to the Crowd

After listening to hours of interviews from this self-made personality, I have come to the conclusion that Arellano really has very little to say that has any validity or solid basis in fact.  Not that I don’t like the man as a person, but as someone who has learned to speak well, and has learned to “play the crowd”, he has shirked his responsibility to the public to stick to what he is good at – food.

What he is not…

Arellano is not a political expert.  He is not a statesman.  He is not an expert on, well, anything.  He has had his own experiences in life, but he is not versed in any of the subjects he speaks on with the exception of his life, and well, food.  Not on the economics of illegal aliens.  Not on the economic and emotional toll of the kind of social

Delusion of grandeur?

Delusion of grandeur?

segregation that he supports.  Not on the general impact to unemployment, exacerbated by illegal aliens, to both “his community” and the general population.

What he does seem to be an expert on, is selling himself and working a crowd.  His main tactic when debating with someone, seems to be to deflect and joke with the crowd.  He tends to use buzzwords and phrases that will garner cheers or laughter from his followers.  His “work the crowd” ethic seems to have worked for him, although not in a very upstanding or intellectually stimulating way.  Not that his “followers” are intellectually astute enough to know the difference between laughing at Arellano’s jokes and critical thinking – they’re not.  His followers?  Well, they’re an interesting study on how to respond with a full flood of emotions guiding you, but without your brain engaged.

After my first article in what seems to be turning into a series, Arellano evidently read it and decided that he did not appreciate how he was portrayed.  As opposed to directly confronting me, either through response, email, or publication, he made the decision to tweet a group if his Twitter friends and have them message me.  A rather cowardly way of handling things, but typical of his nature.  Here is a sampling of the “intellectual giants” that he is proud to have on his friend’s list.

His call to action group:

@TheDailyDigest @gustavoarellano LOL. What a pendejo

And instead of responding with how I am wrong and pointing out the err in my article, Arellano responds with:

@RacerEfrain @TheDailyDigest HA!

@_321yess_1 @TheDailyDigest But he’s married to a “Hispanic,” so he’s not racist! @SJRivera

And one of his classier followers:

Oh, fuck off. Smh. “@TheDailyDigest: Gustavo Arellano: A Bigoted OCWeekly Lefty #gustavoarellano @gustavoarellano …

You don’t have a fuckin clue what half of the words you even typed mean, dipshit. @TheDailyDigest @GustavoArellano

He actually has one follower that started to make a point, albeit in a backhanded way:

@TheDailyDigest Henry wright how about if u stop writing crappy articles n focus on real issues:the economy poverty n over pay gov officials

Guess @darockdp3h didn’t bother to read any of our other editorials, or he might have noticed that we have taken on all of the above, along with all the corruption in our governing system.

And yet another genus tweeted this:

. @TheDailyDigest @gustavoarellano how do you respectively disagree with OC lowlifes who are actively trying to harm you? #gustavoarellano

It just get better and better.  Perhaps his minions are just becoming drunker and drunker:

No one wants to respond to you because your blog is ridiculous and you’re a typical teabag dildo. @TheDailyDigest @GustavoArellano

And if you have nothing really to respond with, why not just make something up?

@TheDailyDigest your point being your married to a Hispanic so you’re an expert. Yeah. Next time marry a Latina @SJRivera @GustavoArellano

I did an in-depth search of my first article, and I could not find anywhere that I stated I was “an expert” because I was married to a Hispanic.  Seriously, did you even read my article?  Didn’t think so.

And to conclude…

Well, it just went on and on, but it was entertaining.  In the end there was no need to even have to try to make my points, as his minions made them for me.  Did his minions responded to me with facts that would have proven me wrong?  No.  Was I lambasted with the inaccuracies in my editorial?  No.  Did ANY of these morons bring up ANYTHING that was wrong and back it with facts?  No!

The fact remains that my editorial was accurate and on-target.  It passed through legal before it was published.  And with the responses that I received, we at The Daily Digest made the decision to make this a multi-part editorial.  When you have a group of bullys led by a coward that has to rally everyone he can to attack someone with their emotional tirades, it simply proves that he hasn’t the intellect to respond with a well thought out response.  After all, who needs facts when you’re not smart enough to comprehend them?

In the next article we’ll take a look at how this bigot slams others with rhetoric and not intellect.  But hey, he is just like his minions.

Pull up a chair, folks.  We’re just getting started.

T.G. Peranteau

Early years obtained an engineering degree (EE), and went on to design and deploy voice and data systems. Well-versed in astronomy, aviation design and theory, and atmospherics. Now built and owns an ISP that caters to a limited clientele and centers around privacy and shielding clients from the prying eyes of both governments and hackers. 


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