Ed Schriber,Col. USMC (Retired):

THE NEXT DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE IN HER OWN WORDS! Nice language but these are her actual words. I also know this to be true because my lifelong best buddy had to endure her foul mouth on multiple occasions. He worked multiple security details when Clinton was in office as he was a Deputy U.S. Marshall. Both Bill & Hillary treated their protectors like crap, as well as our servicemen and women. This seems to be the norm among Progressive? Liberal/socialists. It’s a wonder anyone will stand guard over them. I wouldn’t. If their brains were dynamite, they wouldn’t have enough to blow their noses. “Where is the Goddamn fucking flag! I want the Godddamn fucking flag up every morning at fucking sunrise.” -From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p.244- Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991. Fuck off! It’s enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just

Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. "Where's the miserable cock sucker!"

Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. “Where’s the miserable cock sucker!”

do your Goddamn job and keep your mouth shut.” -From the book “America Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p.90-Hillary to her State Trooper body guards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning” “If you want to remain on this detail, get your fucking ass over here and grab those bags!” _From the book “The First Partner” p.259- Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident. “Stay the fuck back, stay the fuck back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just fucking do as I say, Okay!!?” -From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge, Gary Aldrige, p.139- Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. “Where’s the miserable cock sucker!” -From the book “The Truth About Hillary” by Edward Klein, p.5- Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer. “You fucking idiot” From the book “Crossfire” p.84-Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event. “Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those sunglasses. We need to go back! From the book “Dereliction of Duty” p.71-72– Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while en route to Air Force One. “Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can’t fuck her here!!” From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p.243-Hillary to Gov. Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female. This ill-tempered, violent, loud mouth, hateful and abusive woman wants to be your next president and have total control as commander and chief of our Military , the very Military for which she has shown incredible disdain throughout her public life. Surely the people of the United States can easily do better than this. from Ed Schriber,Col. USMC (Retired)

T.G. Peranteau

Early years obtained an engineering degree (EE), and went on to design and deploy voice and data systems. Well-versed in astronomy, aviation design and theory, and atmospherics. Now built and owns an ISP that caters to a limited clientele and centers around privacy and shielding clients from the prying eyes of both governments and hackers. 


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