Roger Nicholson Video Removed from Youtube

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The Editor:

It seems that we have received a copyright infringement notice on our Youtube account related to a video we posted that included a show that Roger Nicholson created.  The video in question contained clips of  Nicholson, and was used for information in the pursuit of reporting.

Interesting that this clown, Nicholson, the man who aggressively confronted InfoWars reporter Dan Bidondi at the scene of the Boston bombing, and then appeared on MSNBC to defend his deplorable



behavior, has seen fit to claim copyright infringement  for The Daily Digest posting this video that was included on our channel for reasons of reporting.

In the confrontation, Nicholson pretended to be offended by reporter Bidondi for being “insensitive” to the dead and injured.  Bidondi was simply reporting what had happened, just as the other reporters on the scene were doing, but Nicholson targeted the InfoWars reporter specifically to harass him.

As can be seen from the Youtube videos that Nicholson creates, he is anything but a sensitive person, making such statements related to his feelings of wishing harm on hookers, “This is what I do when I’m not working and I’m trying to unwind and decompress, I have not killed a hooker yet with that method with a molotov cocktail…but you should come and play it’s a lot of fun.”, then going on to say of the homeless, “There’s homeless people with signs around their neck and you can just shoot them, it’s really funny.”

It seems Nicholson is not so sensitive as he pretended to be for the MSNBC talking heads.  He’s a troll and a nasty individual, and this reporter would now have to assume that he might understand some of the shame that he has brought upon himself by attempting to hide his antics from the public eye.

We have our attorney looking into the issue, and I have countered his false claim of copyright infringement.  From here, we will see how far this goes.