The Benefits of Taking Borax – Part 1

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only, and is not intended to advise the reader on what they should or should not take into their own bodies.  You, the reader, are solely responsible for what you ingest.  The following comes only from the personal experience of the author.

I post this article from research I have started on the subject of ingesting small amounts of Borax for a healthy body.  I have experimented with other minerals in the past that help raise the pH of the body (more alkaline), but up until now, not taken Borax.  From what I can gather there are places that recommended approximately 1/8 a teaspoon per gallon of water.  As I go through the steps of taking Borax daily, I will chronicle my experiences for articles and will post them here.

Borax is the commercial name for a product that contains sodium tetraborate.  Chemically speaking Borax, with its pH of 9.3, is closely related to common table salt, with the exception that it is much more alkaline.  Sometimes confused with boric acid, Borax is obviously not an acid, but just the opposite.  From what research has shown, Borax has a toxicity level that is approximately equal with table salt.  The only study this author has read on ToxNet (government site) that seems to speak of toxicity level, was written by “anonymous”, which makes-suspect the information,



and it is strange that we found this “study” on a government website that is supposed to track toxic substances and back their data with scientific studies.  Otherwise noted, is that Borax seems to be a fairly benign substance in small doses.

Anecdotal evidence from those that have ingested Borax has shown it to be mostly beneficial.  With the alkalinity

of Borax, the idea is that it raises the body’s pH level, thereby allowing the immune system to work more efficiently to stay-off disease, cancer, and a host of other ailments.  It is my experience that a raised pH (from Baking Soda) has alleviated all knee pain that started around the age of 54, and was persistent.  Others have seen similar results [READ HERE].  I have also noticed that I no longer catch the yearly colds that would come around once, if not twice, every year.

There are a few side effects that some people notice when they start drinking the diluted solution of Borax and water.  There are a few instances that we have researched where the reactions were mild nausea and dizziness, but in all those instances the dosage was twice what is recommended.  With the first ingestion by this author, I experienced just a bit of dizziness, but nothing that kept me from running up and down stairs.  The dizziness went away within about five minutes.  The only thing that lingered was a feeling of being warmer than usual.

As I move along I will keep a daily log and will update here weekly.

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