18 Reasons to “Just Say No!” to Vaccination

18 Reasons to “Just Say No!” to Vaccination

by Dr. John Ferguson

True story: A school in Massachusetts had a recent flu clinic for students and the community in its gymnasium. A vaccine syringe was dropped, shattered and its contents spilled onto the floor. An evacuation of the entire gym was called and a hazardous waste protocol ensued. See the irony here?

With the ever-increasing rates of “diseases” in our culture in spite of monumental advances in “medical science”, I feel it important for parents to be educated about all health issues, especially the vaccine debate. I would never judge a person for

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  1. Patrick says:

    If anyone even pays attention to this, John’s story about the evacuation is not true. A thermometer, not a vaccine syringe, fell and broke so mercury had to be cleaned up. It took place in Rhode Island, not Massachusetts. Check out http://rtavm.blogspot.com/2013/02/true-story-false-story-18-reasons-to.html. I can only hope that John hasn’t duped too many people with this dishonest story that he uses to instill fear and push an agenda that jeopardizes public health. Hopefully people might read this comment, although I won’t be surprised if this website decides to delete it…

    1. TheEditor says:

      We, at The Daily Digest, do not allow slander/defamatory comments. If you have some factual information that you can bring forth, please do. Slanderous statements like, “duped too many people with this dishonest story”, without stating your source, can precipitate a law suit in which our company could be named, as well as you.

      This comes from our on-staff attorney, so please conduct yourself accordingly and understand that when you visit sites, your IP address is logged and you can easily be found and sued. You will be blocked if you attempt posting fanciful statements without facts to back them.