Christopher Jordan Dorner’s Manifesto – Murderer or Vigilante?

BREAKING: Manifesto of officer Joe Jones HERE

Although The Daily Digest does not condone violence in any form, one has to wonder at what point any of us would “break” and want to lash out at those that have perpetrated the crimes against another, as the police and others have done to Christopher Jordan Dorner.  Some might call him a vigilante, and others may even think of imgreshim as a hero.  We leave it up to the reader to decide.

Here is his manifesto, complete with unredacted names:

MANIFESTO – scrubbed

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  1. SkippingDog says:


    1. TheEditor says:

      Short attention span? Sounds like a disorder.

  2. anonymous says:

    Seems pretty obvious that the paragraph about his weapons and gun control was planted by the state. Doesnt match this guys MO in any way shape or form, even the writing style is off.

    1. A lot of this sounds authentic but I did wonder about the gun control stuff. Maybe he copied and pasted some of it.

  3. Uncle Buck says:

    Sound like a lot of editing by outside sources to fulfill a political agenda. Not buying this as original.

    1. TheEditor says:

      So you have no proof or evidence, but you want to let everyone know that you don’t believe this to be the original because… You just don’t “feel” it is?

      In-house counsel has researched this, as is the practice here. I’m confident that this is original.

      1. Don’t know if you spend much time trolling the Net but there’s a gigantic break in faith toward media among people right about now. Can’t imagine why

        1. TheEditor says:


        2. TheEditor says:

          That is precisely why we started this site. This site, along with a few others, are an attempt to bring a more balanced approach.

          1. jerome says:

            fucking liar. yo just sling da rayzizm

          2. TheEditor says:

            Your response is legally considered slander, as it has no basis and no facts. It will be deleted because we don’t allow illegally slandering others here. Your IP address and browser info has been logged at our server, Jerome Watson. I’m sure the college you posed this from would not like to associated with such illegal activity.

  4. samarative says:

    [...] However there are some websites and blogs that claim to have the full, accurate manifesto, such as The Daily Digest and Daily News Los [...]

  5. ted says:

    Sounds to me like the guy is really ticked off …probably with some legitimate reason… he’s doing what many of us want to do… I hope he make it out alive, but that’s doubtful… his victims will be honored and he’ll be villafied… and nothing will change.

    He’ll be forgoton to all of us, except a few directly inpacted by his actions, within a few weeks, and all the injustices will continue….
    So sad

  6. John and Ken…….*deep sigh* These are the guys who said those terrible things about Whitney Houston after she died….and he says never mute your opinions. Frankly those guys ought to mute their opinions, sometimes, they get way too much air.

  7. Charles Duc says:

    some of makes sense, some of it doesn’t…just seems to be off with the gun restrictions…..this guy is a rampage and takes time to voice his “gun opinions”…..

  8. Lyle P Smith says:

    So sad this man felt cornered and has nothing to lose as all is lost.I hope his actions lead to questions/answers and positive change.May the lord have mercy.

  9. What I just read shows there was a lot going on in LAPD. My question is why all of this was pushed under the rug? How much more is under the rug that other officers have witnessed but afraid to say? It was not new that back in the days the LAPD (most of them were corrupt), but I thought they were working on a better policy to ensure the protection of the people. You mean there is no change and tax dollars are going to waste? Money is still being pocketed from drug dealers? Police officers take an oath to uphold the law, and to protect and serve. The people don’t work for them. They work for the people. How do they sleep at night after abusing someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister and lying to say they resisted arrest? How does it feel if someone did that to your family members? This is terrible, and I believe it is going to get worse before it gets better. There will be copycats taking a stand just by pure guilt that they never did anything themselves. We have to stop the evil and pray to God as much as possible because the worst is yet to come. This man was willing to die for a cause that he felt was wrong, complained about it, and was fired for it. None of this is funny. If there is any truth to any of this, it needs to be fully investigated. This man will die by his own hands or by LAPD, but his story I am sure is far from over. LAPD (and I am not sure of all of them being bad cops), need to look at what they are doing to people and know that karma is real. I am sure most of these cops have families and friends, and just like you don’t want nothing to happen to them, you should treat the people the same way, no matter what their race. I will pray for all of you.

    1. TheEditor says:

      Nice response. Thanks.