Ron Paul Youtube Channel Down

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Yesterday the largest Ron Paul Youtube channel was unceremoniously shut down by Youtube.  Their excuse?  Accusations by third parties of copyright violations.

In an age where Congress attempted to push through SOPA and PIPA, and now the CISPA has passed the House and is on its way to the Senate where it is expected to pass, should this come as a real shock?  The powers that be, namely the very rich that own most of the news and media outlets, have been trying to silence Ron Paul for years now. We have seen him ridiculed during interviews, accused of racism, and called all sorts of names.  We’ve also seen many ridiculous accusations that he is anti-Jew and against the military.  Sad to also see that the Republican party has been right in there with the media in their actions.  That, along with all the fraud during the Republican primaries.

What the powers that be did not count on, was that the people would start looking elsewhere for their news and information.  There are more and more people that are turning off their televisions and turning to alternate and European news sources.  The soon-to-be-dead mainstream media news outlets no longer control and brainwash the people as they have done for so many years.  People are awakening, and what they are seeing is that our government and corporate/government controlled media is corrupt and dangerous to our liberties.

I urge everyone to contact Youtube and Google and voice their outrage at this blatant censorship.  Let’s all show them we mean business.