NASA UARS Satellite is a Danger to All

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“WASHINGTON (KABC) — A defunct satellite is posing a real danger to just about everyone on Earth.

NASA says the UARS satellite will hurtle toward us at 5 miles per second, and there’s no way of telling right now of where it will land.

The doomed spacecraft is a monster, a 6.5-ton chunk of metal the size of a bus, plunging toward Earth.

The UARS could come crashing down as early as next Sunday. NASA says it won’t know for sure where it will hit until just before it enters the atmosphere, moving at a speed of 18,000 mph- too fast to give anybody time to get out of the way.”

We all need to be vigilant regarding this.  Pack bug out bags and emergency kits in the event that power is knocked out.  NASA has no idea when or where it will come down, and seems really clueless as to any other details.  Interesting that their tracking site has been taken down, too.