Dem Congressman Andre Carson Making Racist Comments

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In an interesting twist of logic, Democratic Congressman Andre Carson was addressing an audience and showed a vile racism that seems to be part of his personality.  The irony is that during his racist tirade, he was actually accusing others of the very racism that he was displaying.  Not surprising when you consider that he was the person that claimed Tea Party protesters used the “N” word against him when he was passing a rally, but strangely no one could ever produce any audio or video of and Tea Party members, or anyone else, that made ANY racial slurs at that, or any other, rally.  Even when there was video of the rally, nothing showed any racism.  It was, however, strange that he decided making his way through a Tea Party rally was a good idea.  Perhaps he was attempting to bait the very response that he fabricated.

It all seems to be part of a concerted effort to ramp up the filthy rhetoric from the left wing extremists in attempts to silence free speech.  If they can’t use Black Panther thugs to threaten us physically, they think they can use the media to spread lies and disinformation to silence those true conservatives.